Ranting on Race

Now that  I am blossoming into an educated young woman, not only am I learning to grapple with the hurdles of responsibility that come with adulthood but I am also learning that the world is in fact, a scary ugly place. Trying to broaden my mind and my opinions by watching the news, reading up... Continue Reading →

Colorism in Latinx Culture

Growing up as a little girl, I would always look forward to sitting down on the living room couch with my mother to watch her favorite novelas with her. It was considered bonding time for us, watching the saucy plots develop, rooting for our favorite characters and even debating about what we thought would happen... Continue Reading →

Barbie’s New Look(s)

As a young girl growing up in the 90's and early 2000's, Barbie was my first choice whenever I had the opportunity to choose a toy. I'd ask my parents to get me one for Christmas, my birthday, Easter... any holiday that warranted a gift. Playing with my new dolls with my sister were the... Continue Reading →

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