Motivation Made Easy: Dealing with College Stress


Being a college student was never easy. We’re bombarded with having to study hours on end for multiple classes, juggling multiple assignments, participating in extracurricular activities, working a part-time job, making time for some kind of a healthy social life AND somehow mustering up the time to squeeze in some sleep! Honestly, I’m drained from just typing all of this out.

Thankfully, as a college Junior I’ve figured out some ways to de-stress and make life a lot easier for myself. Hopefully these tips can help you as well.


  1. Make A To-Do List

I find that whenever I make a to-do list for the day, that my day is 10 times more productive than when I don’t. There’s something about being able to cross out an item off a to-do list after you’ve completed it that gives you a wholehearted sense of accomplishment. It also sets the tone for your entire day & gives you the motivation to continue being productive. We all know there’s no such thing as free time in college anyway.

2.  Go on 15-20 minute walks

Exercise has been proven to release endorphins in our brain which are linked to helping lower our stress hormones. Plenty of us may not have the time to go in and do a full body work out at the gym, but a simple 15-20 minute walk will work wonders. If you’re feeling frustrated or upset, it will help clear your mind, and give it the effect of a refresh button.

3. Make A Vision Board

Similar to the to-do list, but long-term. Making vision boards helps reaffirm why you’re in college in the first place. Where do you see your self when you graduate? In 5 years, or in 10? What cars or homes do you see yourself owning? Who do you strive to be after you earn your degree? Get a large piece of construction paper and start clipping away! Magazines or clip art from the internet will do fine.

4. Study Consistently

Instead of cramming, (which in the end doesn’t help much) make time each day to study a certain subject. Increments of 30 minutes to an hour should be enough. By the end of the week you would have already studied 5 hours! That’s a whole lot better than turning your brain into mush from sitting in the library studying for a test the night before.

5. Set Reminders on Your Phone

I’m probably the most forgetful person on this planet. Most times I NEED to write things down in order for me to remember it. Whenever I have an appointment or a meeting to go to, I ALWAYS set a reminder on my phone. I set it to remind me the day before and an hour before the event. This way I can ensure that I’m always punctual and prepared.

6. Eat Healthy

Eating healthy transforms the way you feel. Drop that bag of chips your munching on right now and swap it for some green grapes or something. I promise you’ll thank me later. Clean eating has been proven to make you go from feeling sluggish and slow, to make you feel lighter, and more full of energy. More energy to study, and GET THINGS DONE!

7. Have Fun, Go Out!

Lastly, but more importantly, have fun. This is college, and we’re in our prime years. We should make time to have fun with it, in a responsible and timely manner. Go to that party this Friday night, or make plans with your friends to go tailgating. There are honestly endless possibilities for fun in our college years. Don’t let it pass you by. After you have your fun you’ll feel refreshed and ready to get back in your scholarly groove.


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