4 Products Under $10 That Every Natural Needs


Being natural can be very frustrating, time consuming and most times, can be really expensive. Here are some quick, cheap and easy to use and easy to find products that will help you on your journey.


Glycerin is a humectant, meaning that it draws moisture into your hair. Look for products who have glycerin listed at the second or third ingredient for optimal hydration for your  curls! Ever since I discovered the effects and uses of this product my hair hasn’t been dry like it usually is. I definitely recommend this for any hair type. ($4)


This gel is a STAPLE in almost every natural haired girls regimen. Apply it after washing your hair, (don’t towel dry) for maximum definition and hydration to your locks. It deep conditions while giving you a great hold. Great for laying down your edges. It’s pretty much guaranteed to give you fabulous day 2 hair as well. They also have gel infused with Argan and Coconut oil if you don’t like Olive. ($6)

I swear by this product. I have 3b/3c dry curls that sometimes lack definition. Using this in my LOC method right after washing my hair really does the job in giving it a hydrated, frizz free and defined look. Once my hair dries my hair is FULL OF LIFE. Bouncy, shiny, and just carefree. I urge you guys to at least give it a try! It smells good too. ($6)

The best has been saved for last! I use this oil almost everyday. I like to take a quarter sized amount and distribute it all over my hair, roots to ends and even rub some onto my scalp. It’s great for laying down any frizzy flyaway’s for when you want a more sleeked down look. It smells good and also doubles as a hot oil treatment. ($6)



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