Ranting on Race


Now that  I am blossoming into an educated young woman, not only am I learning to grapple with the hurdles of responsibility that come with adulthood but I am also learning that the world is in fact, a scary ugly place. Trying to broaden my mind and my opinions by watching the news, reading up on what’s going on in the world always leaves me with a terrible taste in my mouth, and an uneasy feeling in my heart. These days, it’s always something about police brutality, or some racially fueled shooting spree, or ISIS, etc, etc.

You’re probably rolling your eyes or whatever, thinking wow of course she would dwindle this down to race.

MOST of the time, in my opinion IT IS racially fueled.

Take for instance, Donald Trump. He wants to ban “Mexicans” and “immigrants” and “send them back to where they came from”. This man wants to build a WALL on the U.S/Mexico border and make Mexico pay for it. (lol) He wants to “temporarily ban Muslims from coming into the U.S. also stating that he’d make exceptions for businessmen, athletes and others who have “proven themselves”.

I mean, I’m really chuckling as I’m typing out all the ridiculous things he’s stated, because he’s crazy. There’s also a ton of other insane stuff he claims to do if he is elected, you can brush up on it here:https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/01/22/here-are-76-of-donald-trumps-many-campaign-promises/.

But my point is, that he is in fact a big fat racist, who is running as a presidential candidate in the year 2016. By “Making America great again” he means he really just wants to slowly pick and prod out all the POC and white-a-fy the nation.

Does that not scare some of you guys?

The fact that Donald Trump could very well become the next POTUS?

I just got chills running down my spine just from typing that.

Now onto the police brutality.

We’ve all seen the videos, or have at least heard of Sandra Bland, Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, the list goes on and on.

They all have two things in common though, 1) They’re black and 2) They really did not deserve being shot and killed for what they were being stopped for.

Hearing theses stories, seeing these atrocities happen in this day in age, for me as a woman of color makes me sick to my stomach. I honestly get scared anytime one of my family members leaves the house by themselves, especially my father and brother.

How can we as a society move on and delve into a happier, more loving and understanding community when racists and bigots and just hateful ignorant people continue to be bred?  Can’t we all just exile them or something? In my mind I really don’t see any other option so that all of this can STOP.

We’ve tried rioting, marching, speaking, explaining, fighting, praying, and even right down to shouting BLACK LIVES MATTER to their faces but to no avail. All we get is these ridiculous unparalleled rebuttals that have nothing to do with the message we’re trying to convey, a message that should be easily understood and transcended into every human heart. We’re all the same, and we all deserve to be HUMAN; and to be human is to be loved, and considered just that.

I just hope that I can see the day where all people can dwell and be happy together. A place were racism, bigotry, colorism, and all that hatefulness no longer exists.



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