Barbie’s New Look(s)



As a young girl growing up in the 90’s and early 2000’s, Barbie was my first choice whenever I had the opportunity to choose a toy. I’d ask my parents to get me one for Christmas, my birthday, Easter… any holiday that warranted a gift. Playing with my new dolls with my sister were the highlights of my day back then.

Of course, back then there weren’t many Barbies that looked like me. Tan skin, almond eyes and thick curly hair, and let’s not even get into body types. I’m the farthest from a tall, blond, skinny model girl.

So when Mattel recently came out with it’s revolutionary 3 new body types for Barbie: petite, tall and curvy, my inner child squealed and jumped for joy. Not only are more body types being represented but more hair textures and skin tones alike.

I can’t express how important it is for children of color to be represented in the TV shows they watch, and the dolls or action figures they play with. It makes it easier to love yourself when you see your self being represented. Only seeing people of a certain skin tone and not those who look like you DOES make you feel lesser, and unwanted. You begin to want to become that blonde, blue eyed doll that everyone wants… and so the cycle of self hate begins at such an impressionable age.

As humans we should all be loved and showcased, whether your tall, short, black, white, curvy or skinny. Mattel taking this step in broadening it’s variety is more than just Barbie.. it’s impacting our youth in a healthy, and great way. So, cheers to Mattel in taking a huge step in including everyone… as it should be.




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