Growing up a hairy girl

I vividly remember sitting at my desk during a sixth-grade science class, daydreaming about what was for lunch that day, when out of nowhere I felt a pair of eyes burning into the right side of my face. I looked to the right, and into the eyes of the boy who sat next to me... Continue Reading →

Open Letter to Prince

Dear Prince, I remember my father taking me on car rides, back when I was around 7 or 8, and playing 80's and 90's tunes the whole time. He would dabble from The Black Eyed Peas, to Biggie, Michael Jackson, and I didn't know it then but you were in those pool of songs too.... Continue Reading →

Motivation Made Easy: Dealing with College Stress

Being a college student was never easy. We're bombarded with having to study hours on end for multiple classes, juggling multiple assignments, participating in extracurricular activities, working a part-time job, making time for some kind of a healthy social life AND somehow mustering up the time to squeeze in some sleep! Honestly, I'm drained from... Continue Reading →


Yesterday, April 8th 2016, Malika Anderson, posted this article here on WordPress: The article speaks about her encounters with Ian Connor.. I'm not even sure what to call him.. is he a rapper? stylist? whatever. In this account, she goes into details about how Connor assaulted her after only hanging out 3 times. You should... Continue Reading →

Beyonce Drops New Clothing Line

Queen Bey has blessed us yet again by dropping another bomb. The singer announced her first clothing line deemed the interestingly unique handle: Ivy Park, on April 1st. The line features athletic wear as well as leisure wear for women. In an exclusive interview for Elle magazines May 2016 issue, the Formation singer explains the... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Anti by Rihanna

  I'll start off this review by saying that in the past I was never really a big Rihanna fan. I only caught wind of her more popular songs *queue Pon de Replay and Bad Boy*. I've always liked her as a celebrity and of course a fashion icon. So, with all of the hype... Continue Reading →

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